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Эвакуация транспорта - опыт 5 лет Высокое качество работы
Перевозка автомобилей в СНГ и Евросоюз Выезд в страны СНГ и Евросоюза
Прикуривание 12, 24 вольта Прикуривание 12, 24 вольта
Замена колеса Замена колеса
Перевозка пассажиров в эвакуаторе Дубль кабина для перевозки на дальнее расстояние
Трезвый водитель Перевозка автомобиля на платформе и водителя в кабине эвакуатора
Оплата карточкой и по безналу Оплата карточкой и безналичный расчет
Внедорожная эвакуация Эвакуация транспорта на бездорожье
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Evacuation of transport in Belarus

Welcome to vekev.by! Each service provider on the website performs its work professionally. The service providers confirm their registration information and a possibility to perform their work legally.

A tow truck will come to your rescue wherever you are at a moderate price and within the shortest time. To make the search of the city or region you need easier, the website is divided into the respective categories and sections. The website is working with organizations and individual entrepreneurs providing towing services, long-distance vehicle transportation and roadside assistance throughout Belarus.

Vehicle towing services in Minsk are provided 24 hours a day without days off. An emergency situation on the road may happen to You at any moment! Besides, it is necessary to remember that the very term “vehicle towing” means assistance to all kinds of transport from a small-sized mini-car to truck transport of any size. Also, any towing service company or individual tow trucks will render You the necessary technical assistance round-the-clock, including minor repair that may be carried out under the “road” conditions, delivery of fuel, jump starting Your car.

How to make a call in Minsk at a reasonable price? Each page of our website has been developed to make your search as fast and effective as possible! All you need to do is to choose a city you are in from the offered list of cities of Belarus in the top section on the main page. Further, you will see a table with brief information on each tow truck operating in this region. For more detailed information visit the page of a towing service company or a private service provider. Don’t forget that vehicle transportation services are provided on each route of Belarus.

Also, You may call a tow truck at a moderate price round-the-clock by using the Yandex map that You can find on each page. The dots on the map show all services that may offer to you in your region, district or route. An important and convenient function of the map is identification of your location that will help to define Your dot on the map accurately and will show the services nearest to You.

Administration of vekev.by wishes you a safe travel and works to help each driver facing a difficult situation to get to the place of destination!